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WW2 Dobbie McInnes Faithful Freddie Submarine Compass

A collectors favourite, the good old Faithful Freddie

Dobbie McInnes Ltd Compass, Capt Chetwynd’s Patent

3in filled compass with makers name

Number 25965/06 Glasgow and London

Compass patt 1880 no 7572

Perfect for the guy who hasn’t got planning permission from the wife for a full size binnacle in the living room!

A rare item these days and very good examples like this one make the same money as a full size wheelhouse Navy compass binnacle

The Royal Navy’s famous submarine bridge compass first introduced in 1909. The design allowed for minimising deviation and because of this it could be closely corrected, and became affectionately known as “Faithful Freddie” to generations of British Submariners

The compass was made in a compact size to allow it to be passed upward through the conning tower hatch when the submarine operated on the surface, and then back down when she submerged

A must have piece for any avid collector or nautical enthusiast


46cm height x 44cm  widest

13.2 kgs weight

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