WWII Kriegsmarine U Boat Badge – U13

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German submarine U-13 was a Type IIB U-boat of Nazi Germany’s Kriegsmarine which was commissioned on 30 November 1936, following construction at the Deutsche Werke shipyards at Kiel

In its career it completed nine patrols, all while serving with the 1st U-boat Flotilla

It succeeded in sinking nine ships and damaging two more

Sunk 30 May 1940 in the North Sea about 12 miles south-east of Lowestoft, by depth charges from the British sloop HMS Weston. 26 survivors, no casualties

Historical Notes 

This would not be the end of the story for the U-13 however, as the Germans were so concerned that the secret of their enigma code might fall into British hands that on June, 12 1940 their air force carried out a bombing raid on the spot where they believed the submarine was lying

Despite the raid, Skipper Lieutenant Arthur C Offord RNR of the Royal Navy Patrol Service later transported a team of Royal Navy divers to the scene to conduct a salvage operation on the wreck

Their role was to search the U-boat for anything that might prove useful to naval intelligence, and it is believed they managed to find some code books, which were passed onto those at Bletchley Park

An enigma code wheel was also recovered from a crew member who had forgotten to drop it into the water after abandoning ship

Soon after the U-13 wreck was blown up as it was a danger to shipping in the relatively shallow waters off the Suffolk coast. Today the scattered remains are almost completely buried in sand

Despite this, the Lowestoft Sub-Aqua club have dived the wreck and have retrieved some parts , a set of German leathers and transcripts of the interrogation reports

Lowestoft War Memorial Museum has artefacts on display that have been retrieved from this submarine


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