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Some Of The Best Places To Find Our Products In Situ

Have you sat in a bar , or seen a film and thought ” I wander when they got that from ” , well this is just some of the places where you will see our products being used and utilised.

We have over 30 years experience of buying the very best , bold and beautiful of maritime fixtures and fittings.

We have salvaged from some of the Worlds most elegant of floating hotels, and have had the privilege of stepping on board some of our greatest Royal Navy vessels, able to write our own shopping lists of what we want to take off board.

You have seen others jump on this bandwagon, some do it well – others sadly reverting to cheaper quality look a likes, but we have and will always be in there first in with our hands up for the best and finest that Marine and Nautical antiques and fittings.

The quality of our lighting is exceptional, marine grade original ships lighting not only has a history of being at sea , but is made to the best quality. Only where is its not now possible for us to find the original 1950s ocean liner lighting and fixtures , do we set about having them re made to the exact quality and weight of the originals.

To see a selection of how our lighting & ships fittings look in situ , please see the link below