Established in 1976, we are a specialist company based in South Devon, a beautiful part of the world, but a fair distance away from the majority of people who are interested in our wonderful gear. This has recently prompted us to extend and refine our showrooms and websites, giving all those interested the chance to see the incredible variety and quality of items we can supply.

Jameson & Sons Ltd

t/a Trinity Marine

A family business of proud General Merchants going back many generations, whose approach to business has always been to try and sell large quantities of items for a little bit of profit rather than the other way around.

We are a specialist company based in South Devon, a beautiful part of the World, but a fair distance away from the majority of people who are interested in our wonderful gear. This has recently prompted us to extend and refine our showrooms and websites, giving all those interested the chance  to see the incredible variety and quality of items we can supply.

If you would like to visit us then please contact us to make an appointment so we are prepared to give you our full attention.


You’ve seen what can be reclaimed from churches, estates and plain industry, well now we’re pleased to introduce to you the incredible fittings and fixtures that we salvage from their floating counter-parts. In terms of design and quality there is no more dependable source than the shipping industry. On old Ships, everything from the teaspoons to the teak doors were made by the best craftsman using the finest materials in order to cope with the harshest of environments.



I have seen Western dealers crying Alang, its definitely not for the faint hearted. It has taken us 20 years of perseverance to get ship-breakers salvage nearly right, but its always a gamble. The salvage is dangerous, the ship-owners ruthless, and financial risks are huge. If you don’t pay up front, it doesn’t get loaded, you do the deal go home and wait with fingers crossed. Many have tried and failed but now come to us for similar prices but without the perils. You’ve got to know when and where the ship is at all times until she is beached, then you have got to somehow get into the shipbreakers where you could be arrested and your camera thrown in the sea just for being there. Then you’ve got to get on the ship at all costs…. you have come 2000 miles to get to her so the last 1000 yds on barefoot through 20 years of scrap followed by a 100 ft ascent of a snaking Jacob’s ladder doesn’t deter, although it should. Eight hectic hours of selection, debate, footage and inspection of a dark and dangerous maze climaxes with a leap onto an awful lifeboat, bobbing 18ft in the swell. That’s the easy bit, then you have to take on the ship-owner and haggle, argue and charm in the negotiation of £50-100 K’s worth of material from his £8 million ship. Deal struck, you and your guys then go about the safe removal and transferal of artefact’s from a huge floundered ship to your workshops where the arduous task of cleaning and packing commences before shipment home. Finally, you get it home and you have to find a place to store it all safely and process the good from the bad. No mean feat !

“ you’re gonna need a bigger boat…”

We don’t brag about the amount of stock we have and we don’t complain either. We mention the vastness of our stocks purely to belay any fears that a long trip to us could be wasted. In fact, the size of our stocks is due mainly to the busiest period of salvage we are ever likely to experience, the ‘scrapping of the liner’s‘.

In the 1990’s, marine regulations for passenger vessels really tightened up and all the last surviving vintage ocean liners were doomed. Any serious overhaul or work to the engines would incur the ripping out of tons of asbestos, used liberally all over the ships built in the mid 20th century. For around 6-8 years we were bringing back countless containers of furniture, fixtures and fittings from beautiful ocean liners and passenger ships. Many of them not household names but all built to be as such, and all built to last a life-time. During our recent extensions, some of these fittings are now making there way from the back of our old warehouses into the shiny new racking of the new ones! We specialise in several areas of marine antiques and collectables, carrying large stocks of each at all times, selling to enthusiasts, collectors, businesses and museums alike, throughout the World.

  • Royal Navy  – Original Bells, Badges, Tompions and Tread Plates.
  • Diving Equipment – Hard Hat Diving Helmets and all related kit and equipment.
  • Ocean Liner Artefacts – From small to large items, from quality ocean liners and passenger ships; White Star Line, Cunard, Union Castle Line etc.
  • Navigation & Scientific Instruments – Wide variety of Ex-Ministry & Navy navigational and optical equipment.
  • Lighthouse & Beacons – Beautiful brass and copper beacons in many sizes as well as an array of lighthouse related collectables.
  • Merchant Navy – Bells, Builders Plates and Builders Models and other collectables as well as Engine Room and Wheelhouse equipment from interesting Ships of the Worlds Merchant Navy.


Most people are unaware that original nautical fixtures & fittings from high quality ships are available and instead buy a modern reproduction. Well, for over 30 years we have been searching the globe for high quality nautical artefacts, fitting and fixtures, salvaging from the best ships at the ship breakers and then restoring the items back to their former glory.

Better yet, because we have always bought good volumes of items from the ship-breakers we are able to sell original decor and fittings that have a history and character, at very similar prices as the modern reproductions you can find anywhere.

We have a huge and diverse range of items, from the very small to the extremely large, and from the very old to the futuristic. We send artefacts & antiques to all corners of the Globe to enhance restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, departments stores, museums, marinas, theme-parks as well as private nautical themes and because of our expertise and diversity of stock we are regularly used by the TV & Film industry, if you have seen Titanic or King Kong you have seen some of our items already! Amongst many other things we have large stocks of:

Ships Lights & Lamps:
1000s of original lights from ships’ saloons to passage-way light to cargo holds, in many styles and sizes.

Cabin & Bathroom Fittings:
1000s of fittings that we find onboard of interesting Passenger Ships & Ocean Liners, from elaborate decor to simple everyday objects.

Marine Architectural Items:
Large marine fittings & fixtures for external & internal nautical themed projects; items such as original teak ships doors, portholes & ships windows, campaign furniture, bollards, capstans, anchors, wheel-houses, torpedoes, cannons…. The list is endless.