Trinity Marine…
has become the World largest dealer in marine antiques and original nautical decor. We specialise in doing business in some of the most demanding areas of the World, specifically the Ship-Breakers in the Far East where they run the ships up the beach and scrap the ships by hand.

“Everybody loves an architectural salvage yard but everybody has seen pretty much everything that can be reclaimed from a church, mansion, pub or factory. We stock items that the trade haven’t seen before and the public have only seen repro’s they can’t find anywhere else and we price the gear to sell.”

As long as the ship that we salvage from was built in the right era by the right ship-builder then i know that the design, craftsmanship and quality of materials used onboard are of the highest quality and can handle the removal, cleaning, shipping, storing and selling in all fixtures and fittings are as and we will completely strip the ship of its contents, for example, from the RMS Windsor Castle fro example we bought 10,000pcs of crockery, 2 ton’s of silver-plate tableware, 50 teak ships doors, 700 lights, 11 marble fireplaces, 350 items of furniture.

The reason why we are a well kept secret in the trade is…

“…people on our shores haven’t seen since the days of dock-side auctions in the 1920/30’s are the incredibly high quality and characterful fittings, fixtures, panelling and lighting etc that came from the ship-breakers.
Yes, we have items with specific provenance from ships like SS France and the Canberra but the majority of our stock is made up of the perfectly functional fittings that we salvage from that were built at the right time and by the right ship-builders”

The reason why people have such a fun time at our yard is

Private Collectors From the compulsive to the most selective, from the exhibitionist to the most discreet of collectors, all needs can be successfully catered for. Collectors from all around the World rely on us to find them the rare, unique and most importantly genuine marine antiques. We can also work on commission to acquire and appraise any antiques you are interested in us seeking out.

Wholesale & Trade
Trinity Marine’s trade and wholesale department was established in 1990 and since then we have supplied to retail shops, restaurants and bars, antique dealers, creative design agencies, interior designers, theatres, TV  and Film production companies, advertising and promotional agencies, exhibition and events companies and book publishers across the UK, Europe, USA and beyond.

What tends to satisfy our customers the most about our stock is not not only its depth and available quantities but the low prices that follow as a consequence.