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Our favourites, the best passage lights they ever made, and now sadly the hardest to find

Cast gun-metal bronze body, thick rolled brass wire cage, the original toughened ‘jam-jar’ glass

Versatile lighting , can be counter , post , wall or ceiling mounted

Made by a variety of the very best of the American makers some Pauluhn and some Lovell , for the American Navy from the early 1900’s mid-century

You’ve got to hand it to the Americans, they used to make the most gorgeous marine fittings during the age of steam, and with a tendency to use rich gun-metal bronze rather than our yellow European brass they tend to look the best of all when polished

These are the very finest ships passage lights in our opinion and now very rare in that nigh on all the American ships that had these onboard have long gone, fortunately we found these in the back of our stores having been locked away for over 15 years

Consensus is here that they came from a USNS Sealift ship we salvaged from many moons ago

New CE certified bulb holder fitted, takes a standard screw in bulb

Dimensions :

24.5cm height x 11cm widest


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