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Reputed to have been salvaged from a floundered P&O vessel called the SS Nepaul in 1890 

Later used in a Cornish church where they lay for 125 years before we discovered and bought them.

Condition overall is very good, with all the chairs even having there brass securing bolts.

Condition of the fabric on the cushioned seats varies and could do with being changed, something we are reluctant to do as customers tend to prefer the input into deciding what fabric to replace it with.

The reversible seat pans have the traditional cane seats on the underside which come in to play when you are steaming through the tropics.

The 2nd class chairs do not have the P&O emblem carved into the splats.

Dimensions :

89cm height back of chair x 49cm seat height

46cm widest x 44.5cm depth

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