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Original Kokosha explosion flame proof light

Reclaimed vintage ships light.

Looks great on the wall or wired up with an inline switch as a table lamp.

The mother of all explosion-proof ships bulkhead lights and one of our personal favourites.

The most Jules Verne of all lighting , designed to provide light in the most hazardous of environments , the bowels of a petro- chem tanker.

A huge sculptural lump of cast bronze with a regular E27 fitting inside.

Suitable for a whole host of decor styles and environments , we love these lights as they really sum up the design and quality that goes into ships lighting.

As with all original and reclaimed lights slight variations may occur.

Dimensions :

23.5cm height x 26cm length

9.5 kg weight

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This item: Cast Bronze Kokosha Wall Light

11 in stock

£225.00 (inc. VAT)
£225.00 (inc. VAT)
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