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Swimmer Canoeist Breathing Apparatus

Royal Navy box of equipment for SCBA used by SBS and Clearance divers

In original box

Box Dimensions :

35cm height

62cm width / 80cm including handles

52cm depth

Provenance :

The Don Shiers Diving Collection

Don is quite simply, diving royalty. One of the most respected men in his field with a list of major jobs and accomplishments longer than a divers airline and too many stories to tell and plenty, with his special Navy background that he can’t.

From being there right at the forefront of recreational diving in Britain in the 60’s, establishing diving in Lundy discovering famous wrecks, right through to the Thames Barrier job where he was employing up to 150 commercial divers at any one time.

It has been an honour and a privilege to have been able to negotiate with him and secure the collection, getting him a fair price for all of it with the promise of finding good homes for it all via Trinity Marine

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