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HMS Hermes (R12) Loudspeaker – Small

Iconic loudspeakers from an iconic ship. Other than just looking great, these speaker units were removed in working condition and can be wired back up with a suitable transformer by hobbyist or electrician.

These items are exclusive to Trinity Marine, as we were the only company that was allowed onboard to salvage significant quantities of artefacts from the Hermes in the same way as we were with other RN carriers we were appointed to, such as; HMS Ark Royal and HMS Vengeance, as well as other ships of the Royal Navy, HMS Cornwall, Plymouth, LLandaff, Fearless to name just a few.

Along with the speaker you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity to accompany your investment. Keep that safe as the value of this item will only go up in time.

There were a couple of different makers of these amongst them, therefore the one you receive might be very slightly different to the one shown.

To read more about the “Happy H’ from Her history to the story behind Her being broken up and our role in that, please click here.

Like them but not worried about provenance? Please find our cheaper ‘Viraat Vintage’ range.
When we strip ships, more often than not we have to salvage ‘whole contents’ of a particular item. This has led to a situation where we have a lot of material, too much for our liking, that was of a later ‘Viraat vintage’ and not from the days of Hermes. We have separated all of the later Indian Navy installed items and we are making them available separately for those that like the item but are not concerned with its provenance.
This listing is for a real piece of the Hermes and one that went to War with Her, please see the separate listing for those of ‘Viraat vintage’.


18 x 17.5 x 10cm

2 kg weight

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