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CWC, Swiss made G10 watch as worn by British troops

Serial number 11294

Please note ; These watches were not very waterproof when they were originally issued, 30+ years on and we do not recommend it to be worn in water

Quality general service watch supplied to the MoD for issue to the British servicemen, this watch is the definitive military watch. Clear, precise, performing under arduous conditions for years. Tritium light source, acrylic ( glass ), battery hatch for easy replacement

The choice of the British Services, not just practical , sturdy and desirable, they are also a piece of our military history having been used in the Gulf Wars, Falklands and several Peace-keeping and Tours of Duty

These watches are professionally serviced. Where absolutely necessary they have had new crystals put in

Choice of Red, Navy, Grey,  Khaki or Black strap , please state on your order

Perfect gift or collectable. Be aware of the copies that are available on auction website, we bought thousands of watches straight out of the MoD , most are unrepairable and we are currently working our way through them with a professional watch mender

The watch pictured is the one you will receive , supplied with fitted battery & free strap

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