£800.00 (inc. VAT)

Original Reclaimed Single Ship’s Teak Door

Please contact us to express your interest, we have a limited amount of right or left opening coming in

Average size example  : Frame size : 2.10m x 94cm      Door size : 1.98m x 89cm

Example photo of previous doors

Left or Right opening .. please let us know your preference

These beautiful ships doors have been salvaged from the ship-breakers then restored by craftsman. We only buy ships doors from the old, pre-1960s ships that are either UK, European or USA built, that get broken up at the ship-breakers. This ensures the high quality of the doors and the ability to get a decent quantity from each ship which gets the prices down so that we can sell them onto the trade and public. We have just received a quantity of around 60 ships doors which increases our stocks to over 100 available ships doors in different sizes and styles. The most recent doors are in fantastic condition and are double doors with porthole windows.

If you can think of a place for one or more of these ships doors then please consider buying some because there is no way you could get these made for the same amount of money we are selling them for. The teak is old and is therefore a beautiful rich colour and much harder wearing than the modern teak furniture that you find these days. Why buy the cheap reproduction when you can get an attractive original for the same price?


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