£250.00 (inc. VAT)

Original condition reclaimed ship window, architectural rounded edges

The toughened glass have some degree of pitting or marks but overall these are exceptional quality windows.

Increasingly hard to come by these striking windows

most of the ones we salvage now are aluminium or fitted like car windows

a testament to ” they don’t make them like they used to ! “

Dimensions :

Glass size 60cm x 40cm

Overall size 71cm x 52cm

Weight 22.5kg

We have Worlds largest stocks of these magnificent ships portholes, round and rectangle, brass, bronze and aluminium. Since 1990 we have been reclaiming them, risking life and limb, from Ship-Breakers all around the World

We have SO many types of original portholes in such varied grade of conditions that we could never get them ALL on the website. So if in any doubt, contact us. And, if you want a cheap unpolished porthole


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