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RFA Resource (A480) was an armament stores ship of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. The RFA Resource served in the Falklands War. The ship was captained at that time by Captain Bruce Seymour. The RFA Resource was one of the first vessels on the scene to pick up survivors from HMS Sheffield (having just supplied her). One of RFA Resource's last duties before being decommissioned was to serve as a floating munitions storage for UN and IFOR troops in the former Yugoslavia. She spent much of the mid 1990s in Split, Croatia, fulfilling this role. She sailed from Devonport on 24 June 1997, having been renamed Resourceful for the delivery run to the Indian breakers, and arrived at Alang for scrapping on 20 August 1997

RFA Resource Screen Badge 1967 Resin 17in x 21in

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