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Emergency & Boat Stations Notice – First Class

These notices came from the First Class Lounges of RMS Windsor Castle

The notice is from the ‘Union Castle Mail Steamship Co. Ltd’ and is written in both English and Africaan

Extract from notice, ‘a succession of six short blasts followed by one long blast, on the whistles and the continuous ringing of electric bells’, ‘When at your Place of Assembly await there calmly the Captains orders conveyed through the purser or those acting under him. Passengers are invited to take part in general musters and exercises held during the voyage’


36cm   14in Height

14cm    5in  Width

150g weight

History :

Flagship of the Union Castle Line , Built Cammel Laird & Company. Launched 1959

As Windsor Castle, she made a total of 124 round voyages. Carried around 270,000 passengers and steamed over 1.6 million nautical miles. She never missed a scheduled sailing

The demolition of the ship began on 18 August 2005, exactly 45 years to the day since her maiden voyage from Southampton to Durban

The Royal Mail Ship Windsor Castle of 1959 was the largest passenger and cargo mail ship operated by the Union-Castle Line on their ‘Cape Mail’ service to South African ports

The new vessel was notable for the high standard and design of her public rooms in a “traditional” first class and “contemporary” tourist class configuration, which afforded both classes public rooms and deck space facing forward

The spacious passenger lounges and dining rooms were designed by eminent British architects

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