£2,400.00 (inc. VAT)

Ex Royal Navy ECA Remote controlled mine disposal vehicle RCMDV Mk1

These are minus the batteries and therefore weigh around 300kgs rather than the net and gross weights stated on the subs

They grey super cradle is not included, but available separately

These impressive pieces have spent their service lives on board Hunt and Sandown class mine hunters . They have had colourful careers and served on some of the finest HMS ships

We believe that they have their cameras still fitted and halogen searchlights. They have twin propulsion motor systems, and have their nato stock numbers with individual serial numbers

Now for the tech bit .. these are what they were made for , but what you use them for is up to you ..

Underwater vehicle for the identification and destruction of bottom-laid and tethered mines. More than 500 units of the PAP system are in service with 20 navies throughout the world. PAP vehicles have completed more than 45,000 runs including many successful combat missions in the Red Sea, Falklands, Persian Gulf…

Dimensions :

272cm Length just short of 9ft

115cm 46 in approx width 110cm 43 in approx height

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Small one:
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Large one:
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