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The waterline picture model in wooden case of a three masted cargo ship on painted sea with painted cliffs in background

A lovely antique and decorative piece

From the early 19th century it became quite common for sailors, and in some cases lighthouse keepers, to make ships models in their spare time

Such models varied greatly in both design and quality, many having hulls carved from a single piece of wood , such as Mahogany or Pine, with strong for rigging , glass beads for blocks and paper for sails

The size of these models was limited by the sailors cramped storage and living conditions

As the model maker did not have access to accurate plans, the proportions of the hull, especially below waterline and the height of the masts tended to be inaccurate

However, the details of the deck layout and rigging were often quite accurate, since this was the sort of ship with which the model-maker was most familiar

Such models have a native charm, making them a decorative addition to any collection


37cm height x 45.5cm Width x 20cm Depth

3kg Weight

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