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From our collection of plates, bowls and dishes from the infamous shipwreck Tek Sing

Lovely little evocative collectibles with provenance, as well as decorative & practical, due to the ‘homewares, rather than antique’ price, that we are asking for them

An ideal stocking filler? We’ll let you be the judge

They vary of course, if not the same one, you will receive very similar to the one shown. Kiln imperfections, slight remnants of marine life make them all unique

I have several dotted around my home, from my kitchen for garlic & salt, soap dish in the bathroom and near the front door for keys and change

The Tek Sing

The Tek Sing (Chinese, “True Star”) was a large three-masted Chinese ocean-going junk which sank on February 6, 1822 in an area of the South China Sea known as the Belvidere Shoals. The vessel was 50 meters in length, 10 meters wide and weighed about a thousand tons. Its tallest mast was estimated to be 90 feet in height. The ship was manned by a crew of 200 and had approx. 1600 passengers. The great loss of life associated with the sinking has led to the Tek Sing being referred to in modern times as the “Titanic of the East”

Sailing from the port of Amoy (now Xiamen in Fujian, People’s Republic of China), the Tek Sing was bound for Batavia, Dutch East Indies (now Jakarta, Indonesia) laden with a large cargo of porcelain goods and 1600 Chinese immigrants. After a month of sailing, the Tek Sing’s captain, Io Tauko, decided to attempt a shortcut through the Gaspar Strait between the Bangka-Belitung Islands, and ran aground on a reef. The junk sank in about 30m (100 feet) of water

On May 12, 1999, Michael Hatcher discovered the wreck of the Tek Sing in an area of the South China Sea north of Java, east of Sumatra and south of Singapore. His crew raised about 350,000 pieces of the ship’s cargo in what is described as the largest sunken cache of Chinese porcelain ever recovered. The Tek Sing’s recovered cargo was auctioned by Nagal auctioneers in Stuttgart in November 2000

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