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Brass Ships Searchlight ex MV Atlas.
A gorgeous high spec ships searchlight from the offshore tug MV Atlas.

Painstakingly removed, reclaimed and refurbished.

Brass body with all brass fittings pedestal, mounted on reclaimed Burmese teak plinth with brass fittings.

Made by Kokosha, the best Japanese makers, in 1974.

Adjustable on both horizontal and vertical  axis as you’d expect.

Concave parabolic mirror.

Copper fins that dissipate heat, important if you choose to revert back to 1000w bulb!

A few cosmetic bumps but it all adds to the character.

Upgraded CE certified fitting. Easy access if you wanted to change the bulb or upgrade to colour changing led.

Dimensions :

height 170 cm, 54cm depth 48cm wide

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