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Supertanker Morse Signalling Lamp ex MV Eagle 

A vital bit of kit for important vessels, the morse signalling lamp.

Trigger handle operates the shutters, locking pin keeps shutters open for continuous light so you have the option of ambient light or signalling to a friend across the street, bay or valley.

There are even two sights on the top of you become a signaller.

Brass body with stainless steel fittings. Recently been through a full overhaul and polish.

Adjustable on both horizontal and vertical axis as you’d expect.

Concave parabolic mirror.

Upgraded CE certified fitting. Easy access if you wanted to change the bulb or upgrade to colour changing led.

Mounted on reclaimed old Burmese teak with brass fittings.

Dimensions :

height 1.64m x width overall 53cm x depth 50cm

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