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HMS Hermes (R12) The Razor.

Hold Her in your hands and feel smart.

Rather than watch Hermes get turned completely into razor blades we decided to turn some of Her into razor handles. Fashioned by a local craftsman, from teak salvaged from one of Her badly damaged staircases, these beautiful looking mementos are a great gift or as a treat for yourself.

They take a standard Gillette blade that are commonly available.

Along with the razor you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity to accompany your investment..

These items are exclusive to Trinity Marine, as we were the only company that was allowed onboard to salvage significant quantities of artefacts from the Hermes in the same way as we were with other RN carriers we were appointed to, such as; HMS Ark Royal and HMS Vengeance, as well as other ships of the Royal Navy, HMS Cornwall, Plymouth, LLandaff, Fearless to name just a few.

To read more about the ‘Happy H’ from Her history to the story behind Her being broken up and our role in that, please click here.

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