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HMS Hermes (R12) Table Lamp – Tall Clear Glass

An exclusive important light fitting from one of the most famous, longest serving Warships in the World, HMS Hermes (R12), presented as a table lamp for a new life ashore.

These lights were installed during Her completion by Vickers-Armstrong in the late 1950’s and are still going strong after 63 years of glorious service to the Royal Navy and in later years the Indian Navy, surviving the Falklands War as Flagship, and all those Naval exercises, tours and countless nautical miles.

We removed these lights from spaces all over the ship; from the passage-ways, engineering & engine rooms, flight deck, cabins, messes and galleys, even the gym.

Made by famous company ‘Playmit’, lighting suppliers to the Royal Navy during and since WW2, in cast aluminium rather than bronze and brass which was scarce and prohibitively costly immediately following WW2.

Painstakingly and professionally reclaimed and refurbished, with original electrical fitting replaced and upgraded to new CE certified lamp holder. The table lamps are presented on black wooden plinth with green beige and chrome provenance plaque and are wired, ‘ready to go’, with smart twisted fabric 3 core flex and inline switch.

Along with the lamp you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity to accompany your investment. Keep that safe as the value of this item will only go up in time.

Dimensions :

19 x 41 cm  weight 2kg ( may vary )

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