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A stunning mid century ocean liner of the Italia Line that used to take wealthy Italians from Rome to Rio in the 50’s & 60’s

A ship who’s interiors were partly styled by Gio Ponti

Iconic mid century chest of drawers, 6 large drawers, 2 cubbyholes and a pull out writing desk

Perfect sideboard or dressing table

A unique opportunity to own not only a stupendous piece of cabinetmaking but an item which oozes its colourful and fascinating provenance


96 cm height x 1.61 m Length x 51 cm Width

weight 9.6 kg

In 2011 one of the last beautiful mid-century ocean liners was sadly scrapped in India, signalling the ‘end of of an era’ for us and ‘vintage ocean liner salvage’ in general

MV Augustus, built in Italy and launched in 1952, was not only the last of Her kind but also the last of a famous Italian fleet of ships that did the Italy to S.America run, the rest being torpedoed or scrapped’. She was incredibly well designed & built, inside and out, during the swan-song period of European ship-building

The best designers, craftsman and materials went into the construction of Her which is why so much of the original material onboard survived being sold on and re-fitted. We salvaged so many wonderful items from Her, the variety & quantity of which meant we were able to buy them at a rate low enough to be able to sell them at a price where the wonderful provenance is for free! ‘True to form’

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