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Rare “State Line” Steamer Ships Teapot – 1872

The State Line ran a service between Glasgow and Liverpool to New Orleans in 1872

A New York service was started in April, 1873. The first general agent in Norway was M. R. Raffel. The 1873 authorisation was to convey emigrants by the State Line steamship to New York and New Orleans

In 1874 J. Krantz was appointed general agent, and was authorised to convey emigrants via Hull and Glasgow to New York and New Orleans, and from there to the final destination in America On May 30th, 1891 the authorisation for the State Line was withdrawn, after the company had encountered financial difficulty and was purchased by the Allan Line. The ships and service were from then operated under the name of Allan & State Line

In 1891, the company took over the State Line and was often referred to as the Allan & State Line. In 1897, Andrew Allan amalgamated the various branches of the Allan shipping empire under one company, Allan Line Steamship Company Ltd., of Glasgow. The company by then had added offices in Boston and London. In 1917, under Sir Montague Allan, who represented the third generation of the Allan family, the company was purchased by Canadian Pacific Steamships, and by the following year the Allan name had disappeared from the waves

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