£390.00 (inc. VAT)

2 key rectangular opening ships window

Original condition ships salvage

Dimensions :

Overall size 70cm x 55cm

Glass size 57cm x 42cm

Weight 31kg

Ships built before 1960 are scarce these days and the surging price of scrap means that our stocks of bronze and brass portholes are irreplaceable, especially at our, ‘fraction-of-cost-of-new’, prices

The right ships, built post 1960, have stupendously high quality aluminium portholes that we carefully remove and bring home by the container load, making them available to ‘boaters’ desperate to find something in between absolute rubbish and the ‘punishing’ high-end catalogues

We have SO many types of original portholes in such varied grade of conditions that we could never get them ALL on the website. So if in any doubt, contact us. And, if you want a cheap unpolished porthole


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