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Rare Exceptional Ships Billethead – Circa 1870 – 80s

An original stunning ships Billethead, the best we have had in our history.

A billethead is a scroll or ornamental carving used in place of a figurehead on a ship

Bought from a wonderful refined private collection of marine antiques amassed over several decades.

100% original and a superb piece of carved work, we think it’s North European from around 1870-80 looking at the style of carving and the detail, from a large ship, possibly a three or four masted Barque could be German or Norwegian.

Further research is being done on this with help from Richard Hunter, leading figurehead historian.

Attached with the e-mail are two views showing the kind  and size of vessel it would have come from, the problem with billethead carvings is that early photographers did not find them sufficiently interesting to photo, so you don’t get any views unless as in the case of the PREUSSEN it was a very well know vessel.

A very unique and rare find, superb collectable piece of marine history. If you would like larger images or any futher information of the billethead please contact us.


Height 186cm x Depth 40cm x Width 46cm

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