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Three Quarter Male Figurehead Barque St Vincent 1867

A fine looking three quarter male figurehead in the form of a young man, in traditional early Victorian costume

St Vincent was built by the respected ship builders F.C Clarkes of West Park Yard Jersey in the Channel Islands building over 62 vessels over 100 years of business, St Vincent was built for the well known and respected Thomas Scrutton ship broker, under the ownership of Urquhart & Scrutton of Gracechurch Street London, to be used on the lucrative sugar trade, between St Vincent in the British West Indies and the United Kingdom, in 1882 after a successful career working between the United Kingdom and the West Indies she was lost, off the coat of Cornwall,  details of the wreck was widely published in the Times of London

At sometime after the wreck in 1882 the figurehead of the St Vincent and other salvageable material was removed from the wreckage of the  vessel, at first he was placed in entrance to the garden of a house in St Mary’s the main town on St Mary, the major island on the Isles of Scilly, not far from where she was originally wrecked

This is a fine looking  British in origin three quarter male figurehead from the last half of the nineteenth century, with a full recorded history from its building to its ultimate destruction off the coast of the Scilly Isles this could well be the last opportunity to buy privately a exceptional carving of this kind

This figurehead has been appraised by leading figurehead historian Richard Hunter , and along with the purchase we will send his research, validation and images of the carving whilst in St Mary’s

St Vincent was removed from outside the garden in St Mary’s, and was re located to a new position on St May’s Island near the sea. He was saved from total destruction by the well known British Figurehead carver Charles Moore and taken to his home in Cornwall for safekeeping. It is from the late Charles Moore that this particular carving came into the hands of the present owners for a full conservation and restoration project,  thankfully with countless layers of paint built up over  years of re-painting  the fabric of the Figurehead had survived in a relatively good state, once this was removed areas of damage repaired, the figurehead re-painted in a traditional style.  He stands today looking as good as he did when first removed from the bow over 100years ago, testament to the quality of workmanship, both from the original figurehead carver in Jersey and the care and hard work of today

Dimensions :

38in  96.5m Height x 19in  48cm Widest x approximately 17in  43cm Deepest

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