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The most interesting and beautiful P&O carving we have ever come across in our long history, and a wonderful large piece of carved work

Judging by the style and quality of the carving, we would say that this is from the last quarter of the nineteenth century

Maritime in subject, but not in use, the condition is too good for any work that has been to sea, we reckon this to be a significant piece of the company’s history, most probably removed as part of the architectural internal decoration, in say the boardroom of the London Head Office, before this building was re-modelled

An extremely rare and a fine piece of carving. It has been carved from one large flat block of wood

We have had this item checked over by the Worlds leading expert on maritime carvings who is as delighted with it as we are

Dimensions :

108cm 42.5in Length

75cm 29.5in Height

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