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HMS Hermes (R12) The Roller Ball Pen

Our HMS Ark Royal pens have been a great success, pleasing all that use them every time, so we expect no less from these. We don’t go on any job without a ‘Warship Pen’ to hand. We have these handcrafted for all to have an opportunity to gift or own a special and practical piece of the ‘Happy H’ without having to break the piggy bank or hire a small crane for installation.

Along with the pen you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity to accompany your investment.

These items are exclusive to Trinity Marine, as we were the only company that was allowed onboard to salvage significant quantities of artefacts from the Hermes in the same way as we were with other RN carriers we were appointed to, such as; HMS Ark Royal and HMS Vengeance, as well as other ships of the Royal Navy, HMS Cornwall, Plymouth, LLandaff, Fearless to name just a few.

To read more about the ‘Happy H’ from Her history to the story behind Her being broken up and our role in that, please click here.

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