Trinity Marine has joined forces with Antiqua Ships to open a new satellite store in Taunton. Allan from Antiqua Ships is one of the country’s leading model makers and with his expertise and Trinity Marine’s large collection of ships models makes for a fascinating store. In this store you’ll find a captivating display of meticulously crafted ship models and half hulls. Nestled among these treasures are exquisite pieces such as sextants, telescopes, paintings, and ship’s clocks, showcasing the elegance and precision of nautical craftsmanship. Step into our world and witness Allan, a skilled artisan, at work, breathing new life into remarkable ship models with unparalleled attention to intricate details. The Taunton shop is a haven for maritime enthusiasts, where the past is celebrated, and the artistry of shipbuilding is preserved for all to admire.

Trinity Marine,
Coates English Willow Visitor Centre,
Meare Green,