We are thrilled to announce the launch of “Rule the Waves | The Ferrers-Walker Collection,” a substantial and museum worthy assembly of 20th-century Royal Navy artefacts. This extraordinary collection, comprising over 160 pieces, spans several centuries and showcases the illustrious history and heritage of the Royal Navy.

A Landmark Collection

“Rule the Waves | The Ferrers-Walker Collection” is heralded as the most important collection of 20th-century Royal Navy items to have ever been released onto the open market. Featuring over 160 integral artefacts from warships that played pivotal roles in both World Wars, this collection includes items such as the ship’s bell from HMS Rodney and the first ensign raised when the Allies recaptured North Africa. All pieces were once on loan to the esteemed National Museum of the Royal Navy, adding to their rich provenance and historical significance.

“In all my time dealing in marine antiques I’ve never been so in awe of a collection. I do have mixed feelings though, as it looks likely that the collection will be broken up into many private collections and not on display to the public as tangible and evocative pieces that celebrate and promote our incredibly rich and poignant Naval history, which I think is particularly under-sung at the moment.
Mark Jameson, Owner of Trinity Marine.

Each artefact in the collection boasts a rich backstory and immense historical value, making them highly desirable to collectors and museums worldwide. Highlights include the name board from HMS Ark Royal, huge main armament gun tompions from the Battle of Jutland, bronze treadplate off destroyer HMS Cossack and a rare gun tompion from HMS Warspite, the most decorated ship in the Royal Navy and the first ship to open fire on D-Day, along with many others with significant battle honours.


Preserving Naval Heritage

Mark Jameson, Owner of Trinity Marine, expressed his excitement about the acquisition:

“This collection is a treasure trove of naval history and we are honoured to be its new custodians. Each item tells a story of bravery, innovation, and the indomitable spirit of the Royal Navy. Our mission is to preserve these artefacts and share their stories with the world whilst finding them a new owner.”

Jameson added,

“We are committed to maintaining the integrity and provenance of these items while making them available to historians, enthusiasts, collectors and the general public. This acquisition not only enhances our existing inventory but also reinforces our position as a leading authority in maritime collectibles.”

Collection Provenance

This collection was originally amassed by an ex Royal Navy Seaman called Tom Ferrers-Walker. He served in the Royal Navy in WW2 and after he left service he dedicated the remainder of his life to assembling the most comprehensive private collection of Royal Navy artefacts in the World. Most of his collection was acquired directly from the shipbreakers where most of the WW2 fleet were getting scrapped after the War, notably Thomas Ward in Inverkeithing, after which he continued his hobby buying from auctions and private collections right up to the 1990’s. Predictably the collection quickly outgrew his ability to store it, and feeling that these incredibly important and evocative pieces should be seen by the public, he loaned the whole collection to the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth where it was processed and curated and made available to be seen upon request for ‘behind the scenes tours’. On his sad passing, the collection was made available for sale and Trinity Marine, and another large collector, bought all pieces. The four hundred or so items that we bought at that time sold over the following couple of years and just recently Trinity Marine managed to acquire the rest of the collection from the other party who had first pick at all the very best items.

Future Plans 

Trinity Marine plans to feature the Royal Navy collection in a series of YouTube videos before each item goes on sale. The collection will be displayed at the Trinity Marine showroom in Devon where you can see each item before you buy. All pieces will also be available to buy from the Trinity Marine website.

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