We are thrilled to announce the online auction of “Rule the Waves | The Ferrers-Walker Collection” will be on June 26-30. This extraordinary collection of over 160 museum-worthy Royal Navy artefacts spans several centuries, showcasing the illustrious history and heritage of the Royal Navy.

Iconic pieces include:

  • Ship’s bell from HMS Rodney – An artefact from a ship that played a pivotal role in World War II.
  • Name board from HMS Ark Royal – A prestigious aircraft carrier with a storied past.
  • Main armament gun tompions from the Battle of Jutland – Relics from one of the most significant naval battles in history.
  • Bronze treadplate off HMS Norfolk – A piece of history from a famous Cruiser that sank the Bismarck.
  • Rare gun tompion from HMS Warspite – The most decorated ship in the Royal Navy and the first ship to open fire on D-Day.
  • The first ensign raised when the Allies recaptured North Africa – A symbol of triumph and bravery.

The full collection will be viewable in our showroom from June 14 and online from June 19. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to own a piece of naval history!

Preview the full list of auction items.
Auction List

Dates for the diary:

June 14th – Showroom viewing starts

June 19th – Online viewing starts

June 26th – Online Auction starts