Trinity Marine Field Trip to Dismaland

It takes something pretty special to get the Trinity Marine Crew out of the lair up the Teign Valley and into the wider world. That special thing happened to be when Banksy decided to turn the Sea Front of Weston Super Mare into Dismaland.

After 5 hours of hitting refresh on three computers the three musketeers rolled up to see what all the fuss was about. After an hours wait in a rain storm standing in muddy puddles (which seemed pretty apt to be fair, and nobody moaned) we got let into the Bemusement Park.

dismaland used trinitymarine

The place didn’t disappoint us (don’t believe everything you read in The Guardian or the New York Times. Plenty of laughs to be had, and plenty of groans – although it made us wonder, does some of the humour miss anybody that didn’t spend time in their youth being dragged around the West Country in the rain by their sombre parents…

As we came out of the back of the Dismal Castle it dawned on Mark that he had seen the rope somewhere before… In the Trinity Marine yard in fact! A regular customer had come down and picked up the rope for a ‘special client’ Nothing was thought of it at the time, as plenty of the weird & wonderful, famous & infamous folk come to TM for that special something. Of course he got straight on the phone and started to try and buy it back, a task in which it seems he will be successful in when the show is over (commemorative Banksy rope sections maybe? Don’t put anything past us)

So after viewing the full on art gallery hidden away inside (we weren’t expecting that) and standing in sideways rain for the Damien Hurst Unicorn we got back in the wagon and trucked back to base sporting Dismaland shirts and bad attitudes.

As a final note, The Guardian states that ‘All graffiti in Dismaland is official graffiti’ – Well we can tell you that isn’t true 🙂