We stock a vast range of reclaimed lights salvaged from ship-breakers & Colonial buildings around the Globe. We buy whole contents of ships, from the huge Suez Canal search lights of the super tankers to the timeless lighting of rare mid-century ocean liners.


We only salvage lights from special industries who consume only the most impeccable fittings & fixtures such as the Government, Military & Shipping industries. This guarantees, quality of design & materials which in turn produces character, versatility and very useful quantities. Our specialist subject at the moment is Shipping Industrial Lighting. Discover what makes lighting from Ships built in the Eastern Bloc so special compared to those of the factories.


We prefer to sell large quantities of industrial lights at small profit rather than the other way around. Due to our buying power we can sell charming original lights cheaper than the mass produced reproduction lights that the market is saturated with and that, until now, lighting designers thought they had to turn to when in need of large runs of lights. By buying 1000’s of items from a ship we can buy at low prices and because of our high turnover approach we can offer them at low enough prices where these wonderful objects are within reach of everyone.


Take a look at some of our range from the links below. Whether you seek lights with a retro look or vintage feel, we are bound to have something to suit your needs. If in doubt, call us or visit us to discuss your requirements.

Wall & Ceiling Lights

Click on the video below to take a quick tour around the Trinity Marine Lighting supplies. Needless to say, it’s almost a guarantee we have something you will want. Browse our Lighting Catalogue online or better still, arrange an appointment and come and visit us.

Large Pendant Lights

Miscellaneous Lights