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The finest example we have seen of one of the most prestigious anchors in maritime history.

Hand-forged and at 2150kg one of the largest Trotman’s anchors that was ever made.

As used by White Star Lines RMS Titanic & Olympic as well as Brunel’s SS Great Britain & Eastern and even on Queen Victorias Royal Yacht

Lesser examples can be seen along side HMS Victory in Portsmouth Dockyard museum, and The SS Great Britain in Bristol.

A Trotman’s anchor circa 1860The British Admiralty searched for anchor patterns with greater holding power than the traditional Admiralty Pattern (AP) Anchor. After the Great Exhibition of 1851 a Committee of 1852 on Anchors was created and a committee was appointed by the Admiralty in the succeeding year to consider and report upon the qualifications of the various kinds.

The peculiarity of the anchor is that the anchor arms pivot about this bolt, so that when it takes hold the upper fluke is brought in contact with the shank, thus reducing the height above ground, and rendering it almost impossible for the cable to get entangled round it, or, in other words, for the anchor to become fouled. The Trotman’s anchor, which obtained the highest place in the committee’s estimation, was an improved Porter’s.

Shown with some of our RN Battleship chain, available separately, whose links are 60cm x 36cm weighing approx 100kg each, please enquire.

Dimensions :

330cm Length, not including the shackle  x  320cm Across the stock x  cm from tip of fluke to fluke

2150kg Weight

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