Delighted & proud to launch, even if quite quietly, the new Trinity Marine logo – one that says much more about what we do,  and the way that we do it, than our old Liner Logo.

When we created our first website in the late 90’s we had to come up with a suitable logo, and at that time we had started to strip famous old passenger ships, so we came up with our classic Liner logo.

It never felt permanent though, and as the vintage Liners sadly dried up and our cult following of collectors & boatbuilders were joined by more mainstream decor & interiors audience, we decided we needed a stronger and more appropriate logo.

So here it is, hope you like it…

Our name ‘Trinity Marine’ was inspired by our first huge acquisition of what we considered ‘nautical antiques’, over 500 iconic old copper buoy beacons, directly from our famous Trinity House Lighthouse Service.

Up until that point we were RN surplus and commercial vehicle spares merchants, and now all of a sudden, moving into the antiques  market, we were in urgent need of a basic business plan! So, having unloaded the last lorry-full of Trinity house kit, and whilst looking at the sea of red beacons in our yard, my Father said, “We’ll need a name.”, followed swiftly by; “How about Trinity Marine?”.
From seeming too obvious & too easy it quickly felt right. We instantly enjoyed the fact that the connotations of quality, safety & dependability that comes with the name Trinity.

This idea matched up with what we known for and with the way we had always done business. With very little time and with no marketing experience, it stuck.

It wasn’t for quite a while until we realised, with all the fakes and profiteering we saw in the antiques market, how appropriate our name would be. Let alone, the coincidence that many of our items can be considered as three different marine genres all at the same time; antique/collectable, decor or chandlery. Trinity, Marine.
I rest my case 🙂

More firm history another time.